Sunday, 24 July 2011

That's kitsch.

Hello lovelies. I've been a busy lady! On Thursday I finished my nine days of work experience in primary schools. It doesn't sound very difficult but it is very taxing, especially if you are like myself and enjoy going out a lot. So most days I've come home and collapsed or gone straight out despite my exhaustion haha! Therefore, I haven't had much time to think of some fresh outfit ideas. However, tomorrow I am going to the beautiful Forest of Dean and I can't wait to get some amazing pictures!! I am going to take advantage of the beautiful scenery; if you ever get a chance I seriously recommend you go to the Forest of Dean cause it is just gorgeous, and there is plenty to do! Anyway, the other week I found a hidden treasure in the form of fashion bloggers. I really cannot get over how much I love this blogger's style. Monica Barley is also a fashion blogger from England and her style is so cute and chic; I love how she wears adorable socks with heels. These pictures obviously show I have been inspired by her (:

Denim shirt: H&M, top: vintage, skirt: Topshop, heels: Primark.

Also; it is such a shame about Amy Winehouse. She was such a talented artist and I know she will be greatly missed.  

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