Sunday, 17 July 2011

We all have good intentions, but all with strings attached.

Those of you who know of the 70s punk band, Gang of Four, may have noticed that I have taken to using their lyrics as titles at the moment. I love them, their comments on society, even though society has changed since the 1970s, I can really relate to. Anyway, I am going to Leeds festival at the end of August and I have been thinking about festival looks. Firstly, hair; at a festival your hair is going to look shit basically, no matter how much dry shampoo you attempt to use. So embrace the messy mane! My hair is almost always in a mess, but that's how I like it, so I should survive! I think the biggest problem for me is going to be the lack of showers. I must spend a quarter of my week in the shower usually, so its definitely going to grate on me. Therefore, I am going to take my weight in baby wipes haha! I think I'm going to keep the make-up minimal because less is more you know? However, I can't decide whether to go with a grungey 'I don't care' look or a kinda fantastical, flower-power, hippy look. Any thoughts?

Top: vintage, scarf: vintage, boots: Primark.

Byeee xx

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