Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Call it what you want..

So I was at the Next sale the other day, which I never usually go to for two reasons: I cannot stand the hoards of people and because they seem to save disgusting clothes from ten years ago to put on sale.

However, my friend and I checked it out, mainly so I could get her a late birthday present. Surprisingly, there were a few things I liked, once I'd trawled through the paint-splattered leggings and blinding neon dresses. In the end I got some boots (which will appear in a following blog post) and this gold necklace.

I thought it was an excellent buy as it will pretty much go with any outfit and gold, as a colour, looks really classy. It's also quite heavy, which I love as I like weighty jewelry. And for only £6 I couldn't resist (well my friend kinda talked me into getting it)..

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair..

The title of this blog post is a quote by Hilary Clinton. I like it because it gets me thinking why are some of us so compelled to change our hair colour/style so often? Maybe Hilary is right, maybe it is simply to amuse ourselves.

After all I do find myself getting bored of my hair very frequently. It's not the style that bores me; I am pretty content with my Zooey Deschanel inspired bangs. It's just the colour! And I have been many different colours: blonde, brunette, red, purple, ginger... but I always get bored eventually. It's similar to fashion though isn't it? We become bored of trends so the designers have to bring out new ones. Although, it's good to experiment with fashion, be it hair, clothes or shoes.

Dip-dyed hair is one of my favourite hair trends at the moment. After two stressful evenings and three packets of hair dye (costing me £17 in total!!) I managed to dip-dye my hair. Firstly, I dyed my hair  brown, and then I put blonde dye on the ends of my hair. However, the blonde dye had no effect whatsoever. The ends of my hair stayed brown, which was so weird; I'm still pondering the cause. So the next day I went back to the shops and got Schwarzkopf peroxide blonde hair dye. But then when I put it on the ends of my hair I could see them going slightly ginger! Once I washed out the dye I saw there was no need to panic as the end result was really nice: I have copper dip-dye now instead of blonde, which I actually really like, and it looks really alternative.

However, if you are really picky with your hair I would not recommend doing it yourself as the results  can be interesting.. Maybe it would be safer to go to a salon. I am a bit of a risk taker with my hair so don't trust my judgement haha!

Dress, scarf and boots: Primark.
Leather Jacket: Diva of Broadmarsh, Nottingham.