Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Call it what you want..

So I was at the Next sale the other day, which I never usually go to for two reasons: I cannot stand the hoards of people and because they seem to save disgusting clothes from ten years ago to put on sale.

However, my friend and I checked it out, mainly so I could get her a late birthday present. Surprisingly, there were a few things I liked, once I'd trawled through the paint-splattered leggings and blinding neon dresses. In the end I got some boots (which will appear in a following blog post) and this gold necklace.

I thought it was an excellent buy as it will pretty much go with any outfit and gold, as a colour, looks really classy. It's also quite heavy, which I love as I like weighty jewelry. And for only £6 I couldn't resist (well my friend kinda talked me into getting it)..

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