Monday, 15 February 2016

New Soul

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. January was a bit of a blur. I always find that month a bit of a struggle as it is such a come-down after the adrenaline of  the Christmas festivities. The weather is dreary, the summer holiday you booked to Portugal seems light-years away, and everyone feels obliged to scrutinize themselves so they can come up with a way to 'resolve' themselves! I find New Year's resolutions such an unhealthy way of assessing one's personal growth. Resolution means to resolve something; surely we should be aiming to accept ourselves for who we are rather than criticising ourselves to the point that we sign up for a £250 a year gym membership, that we will only utilize in January? 

Instead of setting myself a resolution I am going to continually try to do things to improve my self-confidence, like keeping up with this blog. In fact I may be starting another blog to fuel my passion for cinema, so watch this space! I am also going to keep on travelling, hitting the Danish capital Copenhagen tomorrow, so I will have reviews ready for you when I come home.

These photos were taken midway through January, on a rare sunny day. I am so glad that it is beginning to get lighter in the mornings and evenings. A child of the summer I am, and I think it shows in my appreciation of the warmer seasons. So at the sudden sight of the sun I pulled on my new spring jumper dress. This pale pink number is from Missguided of course! I had been looking for a pink toned jumper dress for ages, scouring sites such as Pink Boutique, Miss Foxy and Pretty Little Thing. Although these fashion outlets have got jumpers of a similar description, none of them were  exactly what I had envisaged. Luckily, my go-to fashion website Missguided won again and I found this gorgeous knit! I am a massive fan of jumper dresses at the moment as I find them so easy; throw it over yourself, pair with some awesome accessories, slip on some chic ankle boots and voila! Your outfit is sorted!

Jumper Dress & Boots: Missguided
Handbag: New Look

I hope you enjoyed my post, please leave any comments below :)