Monday, 8 September 2014

OOTD Winter Coats - River Island and Primark

They think they're from the 60s, but they were born in 1991

Hola my amigos! The weekend is over, but I hope everyone had a good break! I have now finished work just in time to jet off to Majorca, and then straight back to uni the following week. I was quite sad to finish work as I will miss the people dearly, but it was an extremely tiring job so I am ready to relax for seven days in the sun!

Despite talking about the sun, this blog post is about winter coats. Recently I have had the same conversation with many girlfriends about how we prefer Winter fashion. Strangely enough the English weather has suddenly decided it's Summer in September and it's too hot to wear coats! I feel like saying 'England, you had your chance to give us a Summer, it's gone now so let me wear my Winter clothes'! I love everything about Autumn/Winter fashion; the coats, the wooly jumpers, layers, tartan, hats, scarves! Thinking about it gets me excited which is rather sad haha. Anyway, the main trend I have picked up from my high street inspections is that oversized coats are the business this season! Great! Cause I love oversized; it means there's more room to layer clothes underneath! I picked two coats from the high street over the last few weeks and I completed adore both of them! One was very, very expensive and the other was a BARGAIN! I wonder if you can guess which is which from the pictures cause I think they both look high quality. I shall reveal how much they were and where from at the end. 

So drum roll please! And the more expensive coat was the tweed number from River Island at a bank-busting £80 (well it certainly left me skint for a week). The gorgeous frosted-pink coat is from Primark for £25!! 

Tweed Coat: River Island
Pink Coat & Scarf: Primark
Black and White Shoes: Redbox in Derby
Bag: New Look
Dress: Topshop

See ya laters! xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

You know you give me something

Bonjour darlings! I hope everyone's week has gone perfectly and we are all looking forward to an exciting weekend. I know mine is going to be very busy as it is the charity Shwap tomorrow, raising money for Karma Nirvana! If you are in the area, please please please come and see us even if it is to raise your awareness of the chairty!

Anyway I just had to share this diamond of a dress with you today. About a week ago I saw a picture of one of my close friends wearing this dress and I fell in love! For so long I have wanted a classy white dress and this one was exactly what I had imagined, but I had no idea where my friend had got it from. But fate prevailed my friends! A few hours later I decided to do my usual weekly browse on and what do you know? I found the dress! For a crazy £18.00, which I think is an absolute bargain for a dress that looks and feels expensive.

 So on Tuesday the postman dropped off the eagerly awaited dress, and I have to say I love it even more in the flesh than on the website! The fabric is really clingy, but also firm so you feel very 'secure' and confident in the dress. Also it is extremely flattering; the peplum detail does wonders at concealing your stomach and hips, which, if these are problem areas for you, is an added bonus. And I feel that the deep neckline helps to accentuate the bust, giving a sexy, hourglass figure. I can't rave enough about this dress so I'll just let you get on with looking at the pictures!

Also I have had my first go at filming a vlog, please check it out! I thought it would be a good idea as the pictures can give you some ideas about an item of clothing, however, you also need to be able to see how the fabric moves and what it looks like to walk around in. Let me know what you think and I apologise if it is slight amateurish! 

Au Revoir!


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

This is how we do

Hello all! Sorry it's been a while (again) but I have been working my little feet off. At work we have chosen to work with a charity called Karma Nirvana, a cause that supports those suffering from forced marriages and honour-based abuse. It is an amazing organisation that helps women and men across the country gain some solace through their hotline, or even manage to escape from the pain by providing them with refuge. It started in Derby (which is relatively local for me) and founded by a woman called Jasvinder Sanghera, who was disowned by her own family when she was only 16 for refusing to marry a man she'd never met. Although forced marriage was made illegal in June this year, this is an issue that is relatively unknown and faces apprehension because of the cultural connotations. However, abuse is not acceptable in anyone's culture so why should we accept the unacceptable? Women and men have died over this so please visit the website and find out how you can help!

To fundraise for the charity there will be a swap-shop or a 'Shwap' taking place this saturday (6th of September - see poster below). Basically this involves clearing out your wardrobe and bringing along your unwanted clothes so that you can exchange them for new clothes! Great idea huh? There will also be a pop-up salon inside the venue, a cake stall and a tombola! Please come along and show your support if you are local, it is going to an amazing cause!

Anyway I managed to get a few photos taken last weekend; if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know my love of kimonos! This super-cute daisy find is from Ark (of course), and I think although it is still very summery and floral, it will take me nicely into the transition to Autumn as it has warm, coppery tones. As I am going away to Majorca next week I paired it with some acid-bleached shorts and a kitschy crop top. I can imagine this outfit working well for evening strolls on the beach. Yet, I have also worn this kimono with a cami top and leggings which makes for a smart daytime look! The kimono is still for sale at £19.99 in Ark so if you fancy it nip in and snap it up before it sells out!

Also the other week I got the adorable stick on nails from the Little Mix selection; they're fruit! How cute is that? The only problem is that they don't stick very well so I did have to reapply many times but I thought it was worth it. 

Kimono & Shorts: Ark
Crop Top: Topshop
Shoes: Redbox Derby
Rings: Accessorize & Primark
Stick On Nails: Little Mix at Savers

Ciao Bellas!