Friday, 17 February 2012

Tell it to the volcano..

I don't know how I missed these photos!! They've been on my laptop since the summer!
I am struggling to sleep at the moment, and I realised it's nearly a year since I started this blog. I am glad I started it because it has given me confidence and I love sharing ideas with you all (even if it's as simple as an outfit). It was a big step for me to actually put myself out there and expose myself I guess. I don't take this blog extremely seriously and I suspect my readers treat it as a bit of fun too, but obviously there is a danger of rejection when you begin something like this.

I can't wait for the summer to come around.. It's really hard to find the effort to go out and take photos with the weather being so dull in England, and by the summer I will have finished my course so I can actually have some freedom! During the summer just gone I was taking photos almost every day and posting on here and Chictopia so often! I really miss that, but I suppose this is all a hobby and if I became too focused on my blog it might become a chore.

Aren't you praying for summer right now too!?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I won't stay put, give me the chance to be free..

I was so not ready for this photo but I actually kind of like it (: So I have actually been true to my word now and taken some of my free time to do a blog post... This is probably because I have the week off uni but

no one is around in my hometown to see ): Anyway, I knew that to make the most of my week off I would have to keep myself busy, so I've given myself lot of jobs and activities to do.

Tomorrow I am going to town with my mum, supposedly to sort out some things with the bank, but I have already mentioned to her my lack of clothes (with is the overstatement of the century but she brought it) so watch this space!!! For my course I also have to make a portrait which I am actually looking forward to starting because I haven't painted since the end of my A-levels...

Today I went to a ruined abbey and sculpture park called Rufford Park.. I had planned to go elsewhere today but you know how things sometimes don't go to plan. Anyway, I'm glad I went because it was a great opportunity to get some photos taken.. I also had a look around the art gallery and Rufford and I have now taken part in an exhibition.. It's not as impressive as it sounds haha! The county council are doing this project where they welcome the people of Nottinghamshire to take photos of their own and place them onto a map (where the picture was taken) so that the area can be brought together through the collection of images! I thought it was really cool and the staff were so eager to get photos for the map. I have many friends who enjoy photography and have taken some amazing images (you know who you are) so I urge you to go to Rufford and put yourself on the map (pun intended). I am the only person from my hometown currently on the map so I hope next time I go back there will be many more photos!! 

Going back to fashion; the coat and salmon top (with swans printed on it, sooo cute, I know) were gifts I received for Christmas. I am living in the coat at the moment but I haven't really worn the top that much, however, the peter pan collar and swans are so kitschy, which obviously I love! What I am also loving right now is body jewelery. I picked up this body necklace in the Topshop sale and I can't stop wearing it; I think body jewelery is going to big this year.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let's talk about the weather we've been having..

Well the snow is just over a month late but I can't help but feel festive haha! I left uni and came home for the weekend, with no idea it was going to snow this much!! Yesterday I took a little journey into Staffordshire; I left Nottingham at about noon and by the time I got back the streets had been dusted white. I was completely gutted that I didn't bring any winter clothes with me cause it would've been perfect to do a photoshoot in the snow! I could just imagine myself being covered head-to-toe in faux fur, (hopefully) looking like a Russian doll (: Unfortunately, I stupidly brought the bare minimum with me this weekend and the most ridiculous shoes for winter weather (a pair of vintage heels which kill my toes after too long). Anyway, after numerous snow ball fights I decided I needed to relax a bit this afternoon. I got my camera out and started experimenting with how to capture the snow. I hope you enjoy (and wrap up warm!!)