Saturday, 19 October 2013

Shirts & Dresses

Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday afternoon. I have come home from uni this weekend as I was missing my family a bit and it is also my friend's 21st birthday do tonight so Happy Birthday Emily (:

This morning I had some time to go and do some piccies, so we went for a little wander down the bridle-way. I don't know about you, but I think the temperature has really started to drop over the last week. I've actually had to buy a pair of tights!! Those who know me well will know that means that it has definitely got colder. So this mean no more t-shirts and shorts, and it's time to throw on our jumpers and jackets! 

I do love autumn fashion though! And I think you can still find ways to wear all of your wardrobe with some clever tweaking. For example, put some cute fashion tights on under shorts! I'm not much of a shorts person, however; I am a dress lover. Yet with it being chilly, it's sort of unbearable to go out with bare arms and legs. My solution: put a cute shirt underneath your dresses! It looks so adorable and keeps your arms nice and cosy. Make sure you choose a dress and shirt that complement each other though! In this post I have put a cream shirt under a burgundy dress to keep the look very neutral and simple. Let me know what you think (:

Shirt & Loafers: Primark
Dress: Topshop
Watch: River Island

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How-to: eye make up to bring out green eyes

Bonjour beauts! So I promised you guys more how-to post on my blog so this is my second one. Now I am a big eye make up girl. I always believe that make up should accentuate your best features and my eyes tend to be what I get complimented on, so I usually concentrate on them.

 However, for a long while I didn't really know what suited my eyes. I always used to wear green eye shadow because I thought using the same colour eye shadow as your peepers would draw attention to my eyes. How wrong I was! I found that actually, using the same colour washes your eye colour out because the colours sort of camouflage together. 

Since I got the Naked 1 set by Urban Decay I have developed a new eye make up technique for those of us green-eyed girls. Think plum and purples lovelys! The best way to make your eyes stand out is to choose a colour extremely opposite to your natural eye colour, and for green eyes it is plum and purple. 

Now some of your might feel a bit scared when I say plum on purple; they don't sound like the most natural of colours! Don't worry, the Naked 1 set contains very natural shades of these tones. If you cannot afford Urban Decay products then try Rimmel: I have some lovely purply colours from there.

So let's get started!

Get your hands on some primer. I use the Urban Decay primer which is included in the Naked 1 set, but you can get pretty decent primers from any of the other make up brands on the high street. They just make your eye shadow smooth on well and help it to last all day.

So first you should apply the eye make up primer all over your eyelids and rub in, as I am doing in the picture above. If you do not have any primer you could substitute it with a eye cream as that will help the eye shadow to 'stick'.

Take a liner brush and wet it so that it's slightly damp. Then apply a shimmery, navy shade to the brush.

Take this colour and apply it like eye liner just above your lash line, like so.

With a flat eye shadow brush, apply a glittery, plum colour.

Cover your eyelids in this colour, blending it in with the navy line you have already applied.

And blend the same colour beneath your lower lash line.

Using an eye shadow blending brush, apply a rich, dark purple all over it.

Rub this shade into the crease of your eye lid (it helps to keep your eyes open so you can get a defined line).

Take a contouring eye shadow brush and apply to it a frosty pink colour.

Smooth this along your brow-bone to act as a highlight.

Using the same colour, apply this into the ball of your eye and underneath your eye to give you a wide-eye look.

Then take a mascara and apply it to your upper and lower lashes. I use Loreal Double Extension because it comes with a primer, which helps to lengthen my lashes extremely well!

Use as much mascara as your comfortable with. I tend to apply two coat but that just cause my eyelashes are very light naturally.

Et Viola! I would usually wear this eye make up for a meal with friends or even a night out, but it's a really easy method if you wanted to try it for day-to-day make up.

I hope you have enjoyed my how-to and comment for any other suggestions of how-to posts you would like to see (:

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Burgundy & Orange

Heey lovelys! I have had a brilliant weekend and I hope you guys have too! I have spent time catching up with uni work and chilling with my beautiful friends. My amazing friend Emily was kind enough to take some photos for me on Saturday in a local park, and she has done an excellent job!

I've been thinking a lot about seasonal outfits recently, with the move into Autumn (although the sun did make an appearance today yay!). Fashion can be a cruel mistress in that respect as with the changing season we have to suddenly update our wardrobes to keep up with the latest trends; but you can never claim that fashion is boring! 

Unfortunately, if you don't have unlimited spending money, buying a whole new set of outfits every season might be a little bit impossible. Being a poor student (and even poorer this year with having less loan) clothes shopping can be dangerous. So, I got to thinking: basics! For autumn you only need to have a few staple items to keep you looking fresh every year.

This blog looks at burgundy and orange. Burgundy is one of the warmest and versatile colours you can wear during the winter. Don't go over the top with it though! Too much burgundy is going to look silly frankly; just go for one item of your outfit, for example I have chosen a burgundy blazer to wear in this outfit. And guess what? I got this blazer last Autumn and it still looks up-to-date! 

Now orange. This is pretty much a given. Rich, orange leaves fall from the trees in the chillier months so take your cues from nature and invest in items with warm, fiery colours. You can go bold with orange but like I said with burgundy limited it to one item only! Personally, I prefer a subtle look so I opted for these dainty, orange-patterned shorts which I actually bought for summer! Sometimes if you can't afford to buy new things you just need to be resourceful with what you already have hanging in your wardrobe! Anyway check out the outfit and let me know what you think.

Blazer: Primark
Jumper: Ark
Shorts: Topshop
Boots: Next
Bag: Acessorize
Watch: River Island

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Take me back to sunshine

Hello beauties! So it's officially October (boo). I have been reminiscing a lot about my holiday in Majorca about 3 weeks ago; we had gorgeous weather, amazing scenery and lots of fun! One of my favourite holiday items is white shorts and as you can see I am wearing them in the pictures. They are so good because they go with almost everything and really bring out your tan!

Unfortunately, this outfit post isn't going to very useful for Autumn weather, but I really wanted to share these pictures with you anyway. This outfit (or something similar) could be good for a casual night out if you are lucky enough to still have a tan from the summer; if not fake it up haha!

I will be bringing you some autumn outfit ideas as soon as I can. For the time being you can follow me on Instagram as I'm going to try and do an 'outfit of the day' everyday. My username is katiejean48

Lots of Love xxxx