Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Where our horizons meet

It has been a while since I last wrote. Due to trying to find my feet in the working world, I haven't had much time for more artistic ventures. I have now, though, made a commitment to myself to keep up with the hobbies that give me peace. 

The transition from a lifetime in education to a full-time job, although still in education, has been interesting. I cannot say that I am fully used to it yet but I am just taking each day as it comes. The trouble I have been experiencing is the inability to shut off from my work mindset. I have now realised that returning home from work to only sit in front of the TV for the rest of the evening is not helpful as my brain does not actually switch off. It is still churning away a vat of thoughts. Yesterday, instead, I indulged in some creative activities which has really helped my brain to focus on something else.

I have been lusting over the Autumn / Winter 70s trends that have been appearing all over the fashion world. Some may say I have invested too much in the two Ms of this season: mustard and mauve, however, I think these two shades are so pretty for Winter and make a lovely alternative to the classic burgundy, brown, orange colours that are thrown together with some tartan year after year! I do still love tartan though.. 

I am also enjoying the boho vibes we are experiencing this Autumn / Winter - floppy hats, floaty dresses, finging, suede, (faux) fur - YES PLEASE! I bought this hat from Accessorize towards the end of the Summer and I am not sure I can think of a moment when I have been off work duty where I haven't worn it. It is a beaut and with it being beige it coordinates well with most outfits.

I would also like to mention in this post my new favourite online shopping store: Missguided. Well this site is just divine! As my bank balance probably knows.. I am finding that clothes on the high street just haven't got the originality or edginess that I am looking for in an item. Whereas Missguided has hoards of interesting day and night dresses, knitwear, outerwear, accessories and probably much more that I have yet to buy. I bought this dress and the boots from the fashion gem and did they cost me a fortune? Not really considering most people thought the boots were worth the £100 region. Boots: £25. Dress: £20. Not bad eh? 

Anyway enjoy looking at the photos and I will hopefully be updating weeky from now on.

Hat: Accessorize
Fur Gilet: Ark
Dress & Boots: Missguided
Handbag: New Look
Jewellery: New Look & Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 18 July 2015

All my insanity, you're real, for now

Since I will be starting my job in September I guess this is my last real chance to put some crazy colours in my hair. For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you'll know that I was obsessed with changing my hair colour at a certain time. Although over the last two years I have become more reserved and stuck to my natural colour: blonde. However, this Saturday I have had a relatively free day which is a rarity for Miss Busy! So what could I do to kill the boredom? Erm dye my hair pink of course... I've had the 'rose' shade from Bleach London in my toiletry set for over a year now but had never got round to trying it out. So I smothered it on my hair this morn and here is the end result. I love how cute it looks and I feel almost as if I have fairy hair haha! Luckily it only lasts for 2 - 10 washes because my birthday is fast approaching and I would like to be back au natural by then. Yet, I think the semi-permanent, vibrant colours that Bleach London offer are a cool way to give yourself a fresh look if you're getting sick of looking at the same ole face in the mirror every day.

The dress in these photos is actually one I wore to a formal university event not so long ago. I am still so impressed with this purchase from Boohoo.com as it was only £25 and looks so much more expensive. However, you probably all know how much I advocate Boohoo.com products so that cannot come as a surprise. I know this dress will also be very versatile this Summer as I can wear it for warm evenings wandering along the beach in Wales and Weymouth (I'm optimistic about the British weather). Anyway let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Dress and heels: Boohoo.com
Hair dye in the shade 'rose': Bleach London
Floral headband: Vintage

Monday, 13 July 2015

When you're young, you just run

Hello all! So that's it, I have finished uni now! Shock! I can't believe how fast those four years went and the amount I have learnt and grown in that time. I am excited for the next step; I have a teaching job for September which is going to be incredible! I am sure that it will be tough but it will be so rewarding to have ownership of a class for a whole year.

As of now I am working, however, I am looking forward to having a break before I start at my school and have got trips to Ireland, Wales, Weymouth and Berlin in the near future! I will make sure I take loads of photos during my holidays and share them with you all.

During this post I was trying to channel and boho-summer vibe. I got this dress from Boohoo.com a few months ago and the tye-dye design is perfect for a chilled festival look. I have also noticed that metallics are a massive favourite this season so I snapped up these strappy, shiny sandals from TK-Maxx recently! 

I also find that my hair can be quite a nightmare in the summer as my mane gets quite frizzy when it is humid. Thus, I like to style my hair into braids to minimize the crazy and plus I think it offers some hippy chic!

 Dress: Boohoo.com
Sandals: TK-Maxx
Bag & Necklace: Primark

Ciao xx

Monday, 6 April 2015

They say that the world was built for two

Greetings from my bed full of half-eaten Easter eggs! I hope that everyone had a smashing bank holiday weekend. I went out in Nottingham on Saturday as one of my friends from university came to visit and spent all of Sunday reaping the effects of the night haha. Now I am back to my dissertation and the onset of assignment depression. However, whilst I was taking a break from staring blankly at my laptop screen, I managed to get some photos done of the outfit that I wore out on Saturday night!

I picked up this vibrant playsuit from Topshop. It isn't the sort of thing I would usually wear for a night out. I am a mono-chrome girl at heart and I find bright colours a bit intimidating if I'm quite honest. Nonetheless, I thought I'd push my fashion boundaries and try something a bit different. I found the playsuit to be very flattering on my figure too as it covers up my hips but compliments my waist and bust. To keep the outfit lovely and bright I paired the playsuit with coral heels and a clutch bag of the same shade. Luckily for me I also had a lipstick at home that matched these accessories so I felt very coordinated! I thought this was a nice outfit to transition into the spring and summer months, and I can see myself wearing it numerous times. Let me know what you think in the comments :)

Playsuit: Topshop
Heels & Clutch bag: New Look

Don't you worry, don't you worry child

Hello all! I am so sorry for the delay in posting again! I am currently having a catch up because I've actually taken loads of photos recently, but just haven't had the time to upload them. I've had a crazy few months, but I feel that I'm always having a crazy few months so what is the difference haha?

 So what's new for me? A lot of things. I set out this year to really make a change to my attitude and the way I approach things. It has been a challenge. I had a tough final teaching practice, with near on 40 pupils across four year groups to teach. Unsurprisingly, it was extremely stressful and there were points where I doubted myself. Nevertheless, after much resilience I got to the finish line and actually learnt the most from a placement than I ever have before. The thing that got me through it was my support network; I've been very lucky this year in that I have made an AMAZING set of friends through my hockey team (though it is such a shame I have not known them as long as I would like to) who were just there for me to rant to and blow off some steam. So a massive shout out to you fab girls :) 

So now that I have finished placement I am onto the next immense task: my dissertation! Why on earth universities advocate this hardship on any poor student I do not know. As far as I can see at the moment, they only cause an abundance of stress. I'm sure once I've completed it I'll feel proud of what I've achieved, but right now I feel like bashing my head against a wall! I am making progress with it now though. I'm not entirely sure what I have written but the word count is slowly increasing, which is a good sign.

At the same time as slugging away at my diss, I'm looking for jobs. This is slightly daunting and disheartening as I've not had much luck as of yet, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I will find the place that I am supposed to teach at. I'm trying not to think about how little of university I have left, but when I'm looking for work and the deadlines keep creeping up on me, it's hard to ignore that I will be entering the next stage of my life. It's bittersweet because I have loved everything up and down of uni, the people I have met along the way, and how it has shaped the person I've grown to be. But at the same time, I do want to begin the next step. It is exciting but scary. There is a lot to leave behind, but also a lot more waiting to be discovered! So on the whole I feel like I have learnt to be a lot more resilient this year, and try and see the silver linings.

Anyway, these photos were taken an embarrassingly long time ago (as you can probably tell since I am tanned in the photos and at present I am much paler), so I am not even going to admit exactly when. Over the last year I have seen patterned trousers and leggings becoming a staple item on the high street. I got these patterned leggings from Topshop some time ago, but I think they are perfect for the transition from winter into spring, as they are relatively neutral. In these photos I've paired them with a slouchy white jumper for the chillier days, but recently I've been matching them up with a gorgeous yellow blazer (which I'm sure I'll be sharing soon on here) to give a more summery vibe. Let me know what you think!

Leggings: Topshop
Jumper: Primark
Shoes: Redbox at Intu Derby