Saturday, 16 January 2016

English Mustard

It has been a busy of couple of weeks for me since coming back from Budapest. I have had the challenge of setting up my classroom at school for a second time, as we have moved into a brand new building. Following that, I have had my graduation celebrations this week! So as you can imagine I have been slacking a bit with the blog. I actually took these photos last weekend but have only just gotten round to posting them.

Graduation was a bit surreal in all honesty. At my uni, unlike most others who host graduation a month or two after the students completing their studies, graduation is not until the following January. It was lovely to see all of my course-mates, that I had spent four years with, desperately trying not to fall asleep in Reflective Teaching. Over the last few months, I have missed uni a lot and wished more than anything I could go back. However, I think I am starting to embrace the many changes in my life. There are some things about uni that I do not miss, and much of the lifestyle and drama I do not want any part in. It is fair to say I may be adulting at last haha!

I don't know if anyone has guessed, from viewing my previous posts, but I am a little bit, no A LOT, in love with mustard this winter. I usually avoid bright colours such as yellow; I am a huge fan of neutrals and monochrome. Yet, the mustard shade offers yellow in a much more muted vibe. I find that as a blonde some yellow shades can wash me out and also put me a risk of looking like a canary. Mustard is much warmer, which compliments my blonde hair and tanned skin tone. I now own a mustard scarf, bag, skirt, hat and now this awesome suede jacket from Missguided. I like to style my mustard items with monochromes, baby pinks and mauves (other popular colours this winter). I thought my jacket looked chic when paired with this on-trend striped turtle-neck from Forever 21. 

Suede Jacket: Missguided
Stiped Turtle-neck Top: Forever 21
Boots & Skirt: Boohoo
Handbag: River Island

Friday, 1 January 2016

Budapest, my hidden treasure chest

Happy New Year! I have just got back from my little break in beautiful Budapest. It was a lovely escape from reality and that odd limbo-like phase that occurs between Christmas Day and New Years. 

The Hungarian capital is much larger than I had anticipated; separated by the Danube River, it is technically made up by two cities, Buda and Pest, which became one city in 1873. We were staying in a gorgeous apartment on the Pest side of the city, within the Jewish Quarter. On our first day we wandered past the stalls of the Christmas market outside St. Stephen's Basilica, sipping hot apple cider. We then took some photos outside the Parliament building, which is third largest in the world! 

Clearly a city separated by a huge river deserves some impressive bridges, and Budapest has plenty of them. It's most famous is the Szechenyi Chain Bridge (which you can see beyond me in the picture below) but the Freedom Bridge and the Margret Bridge are also interesting pieces of architecture. Outside the Parliament Building, a memorial made from iron shoes can be found at the edge of the river. This is to honour the Jews who were murdered by fascist military men during the Second World War. 

Later on we crossed over the Margret Bridge to see the Fisherman's Bastion on the Buda bank, which is a terrace styled in neo-Gothic architecture. This was one of my favourite parts of the city as the building looked like moorish gingerbread houses. The area gets its name from the fishermen who defended the walls of the city during the middle ages, using this terrace as a viewpoint.

My favourite day of the trip involved a trip to the Gellert Spas. Budapest is famous for its natural thermal springs, which has led to the construction of many relaxing baths such as the Szechenyi, Rudas and Kiraly Baths. The Gellert Baths is one of the most recently build spas, as it was built over what had once been Turkish baths. The coolest experience of the spa was soaking in the outdoor thermal bath and being able to see some of the city sights, whilst enjoying the hot water. 

Budapest is definitely a fascinating city to visit and it is ranked the 25th most popular city in the world, so it can be said it is a hot destination right now. The price of food and drink is extremely reasonable too, so if you are looking for a break on a budget, the Hungarian capital could be perfect for you!

Comment for any questions and outfit details.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

London Calling

Prepare yourselves for an overload of London vibes! Over the weekend we paid a short visit to the big smoke for an assortment of activities. We managed to do a whistle-stop tour of the city, seeing sights such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the Shard and even riding on the London Eye. Our trip also included cocktails at a awesome ice bar and being enchanted by the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was the best weekend and I wish I could've stayed longer!

Almost immediately after hopping off the train we headed to the National History Museum. There are so many museums in London like the NHM that take free admissions, such as the Victoria & Albert and the Science Museum, so if we had had longer during our trip I would have spent hours exploring these treasure chests. However, we only had two days so I thought the NHM would be perfect as it has a bit of everything inside for everyone (and who doesn't love Dinosaurs?). The NHM is awesome for children (and big kids like myself ) as it has loads of interactive exhibitions like the animatronic T-Rex and the earthquake simulator; I recall being in awe of the museum as an eight year old. If you have not been yet, you must make a visit at some point in your lifetime.

In the afternoon we wandered through the cobbled streets and winding markets of Camden Town. This borough of London is by far one of the coolest and most interesting places I have ever been. Amazing vintage clothes, unique pieces of jewellery, talented artists and delicious street food made up the stalls of the most notorious market in England. The strangest store we entered went by the name of  Cyberdog. The only appropriate way I can think to describe this shop is My Little Pony at a rave!

In the evening we went to the most breathtaking bar ever! And it was quite literally breathtaking seeing as it was made out of ice! That's right, we went to Ice Bar London, which is absolutely incredible. It managed to transport you to somewhere in the Arctic, so that when you stepped back outside again you had completely forgotten you were in London. Bookings are £16.50, however, that does include a cocktail, so despite the expense it is worth a visit. 

The following day we strolled through the University College London campus to take some photos and then traveled to Westminster to see the sights from aboard to London Eye!

Lastly it was up to Watford to visit the magical Harry Potter Studios. The whole experience was aptly spellbinding! As soon as we walked through the doors of the Great Hall it felt as if you were a witch or wizard attending Hogwarts. You can only appreciate the level of detail that the prop designers went into for these films once you visit the studios. The endless man-hours that must have been  undertaken to bring the Harry Potter world to life is incredible. There is so much to discover about how the props and sets were created behind the scenes, so this is a number one recommendation of mine of attractions to visit in the UK! And the Butterbeer is also yummy!

So I hope you have enjoyed my London post. If you want any details on what I was wearing then please leave your queries in the comments section.


Saturday, 19 December 2015

I decorate my house with things you love

Although being the biggest girlie girl, I usually tend to avoid wearing such feminine shades as purple and pink. This Autumn / Winter however, I have been struggling to resist the dusty pinks and mauves that have been on trend. Most winters I dig out the preppy tartan and collared dresses and then I am set. Though I still love a bit of the Scottish print, I am really enjoying some of the more prettier items that are making up my current Winter wardrobe. 

I got this fur gilet / sleeveless blazer from Missguided about a month ago. I wasn't really getting on board with the whole sleeveless blazer craze; I still feel it is a passing trend like jelly sandals were for 2014, so I didn't see much point in investing. Despite this, faux fur never seems to be out of style during the colder months, so I felt this combination of the sleeveless blazer with a faux fur gilet was a chic compromise. I think this is a really interesting piece due to the layering effect and, although it may not be as trendy in the New Year, the item's uniqueness will urge me to continue to wear it. 

I also bought this lacy, purple dress from Missguided. This was a bit of a risk for me because before buying this dress I did not own anything purple (which is shocking considering the overflowing state of my wardrobe). The dress is a beautiful piece regardless of my initial hesitation towards it. The nude-mesh material offers a body sculpting effect and the purple lace is very feminine and elegant. You cannot really see on the photos but it also has a cut out detail on the waist which creates even more of a slimming effect. 

Fur Gilet / Sleeveless Blazer & Dress: Missguided
Boots: Vintage
Hat & Bag: Accessorize

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