Tuesday, 2 September 2014

This is how we do

Hello all! Sorry it's been a while (again) but I have been working my little feet off. At work we have chosen to work with a charity called Karma Nirvana, a cause that supports those suffering from forced marriages and honour-based abuse. It is an amazing organisation that helps women and men across the country gain some solace through their hotline, or even manage to escape from the pain by providing them with refuge. It started in Derby (which is relatively local for me) and founded by a woman called Jasvinder Sanghera, who was disowned by her own family when she was only 16 for refusing to marry a man she'd never met. Although forced marriage was made illegal in June this year, this is an issue that is relatively unknown and faces apprehension because of the cultural connotations. However, abuse is not acceptable in anyone's culture so why should we accept the unacceptable? Women and men have died over this so please visit the website and find out how you can help!

To fundraise for the charity there will be a swap-shop or a 'Shwap' taking place this saturday (6th of September - see poster below). Basically this involves clearing out your wardrobe and bringing along your unwanted clothes so that you can exchange them for new clothes! Great idea huh? There will also be a pop-up salon inside the venue, a cake stall and a tombola! Please come along and show your support if you are local, it is going to an amazing cause!

Anyway I managed to get a few photos taken last weekend; if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know my love of kimonos! This super-cute daisy find is from Ark (of course), and I think although it is still very summery and floral, it will take me nicely into the transition to Autumn as it has warm, coppery tones. As I am going away to Majorca next week I paired it with some acid-bleached shorts and a kitschy crop top. I can imagine this outfit working well for evening strolls on the beach. Yet, I have also worn this kimono with a cami top and leggings which makes for a smart daytime look! The kimono is still for sale at £19.99 in Ark so if you fancy it nip in and snap it up before it sells out!

Also the other week I got the adorable stick on nails from the Little Mix selection; they're fruit! How cute is that? The only problem is that they don't stick very well so I did have to reapply many times but I thought it was worth it. 

Kimono & Shorts: Ark
Crop Top: Topshop
Shoes: Redbox Derby
Rings: Accessorize & Primark
Stick On Nails: Little Mix at Savers

Ciao Bellas!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just the touch of a hand

Hello cherubs! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, I have had one of the most amazing weeks of my life, working! Yes working! I know it sounds crazy but the job I have at the moment is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, it's just a shame it isn't full-time. So as you can imagine I have had another busy 7 days. 

These photos were taken quite a while ago, when I was still thinking about what types of outfits to take on holiday, but I just haven't had the chance to post them until now. Nevertheless, I am still yet to go on holiday to Majorca in September, so I have still got beach clothes on the brain. This dress that I got from Next is perfect for the beach or pool; you can literally throw in on over your bikini and it looks super chic. It's also really soft which makes for comfortable days, especially when your in boiling temperatures it is needed! The dress has really delicate, beautiful embroidery  and a cute bow detail at the back. 

It's an item which would also look hot for night time as well. Great for light-packing on holiday as it is versatile. For a night out in an exotic bar I would wear this dress with chunky, cut-out heels and a embellished, over-the-shoulder bag!

Dress: Next
Heels: River Island
Bag: Vintage

I hope you enjoyed the post!
Byeee <3

Sunday, 10 August 2014

No one knows anything but us

Hello guysss! Sorry it has been a few weeks, its be extremely busy down my end as per usual! Just over two weeks ago I got back from my holiday in Portugal, during which we visited Lisbon (the capital) and Lagos. Both cities were equally as beautiful but for very different reasons.

Lisbon was typical of your classic European city; winding, cobbled streets leading up to historic castles; spacious, lively squares with intricately detailed monuments in their centre; and delicious aromas flooding out of hundreds of restaurants and shops that you passed by. I really enjoyed the time my family and I spent in Lisbon, however, I do feel that it has not matched up to my love of Rome or Paris as a major European city.

The second half of our holiday was spent in Lagos, which is a more beach holiday for English tourists kinda place. Nevertheless, I thought it was an absolutely gorgeous setting. My main concern is whenever we visit a holiday resort is that it's going to be a tad 'chavvy' and not very authentic. This place threw in a pinch of cheesiness (street performers and cheap bars) whilst still maintaining it's true Portuguese roots. My favorite part of Lagos is the serene coves that border the coastline. One of the best parts of the holiday was when my brother and I took a tranquil (well almost tranquil, apart from the boat driver who kept trying to talk to us in Portuguese, which we did not understand) boat ride in and around the coves. Unfortunately I did not take my camera on the boat for fear of getting it wet (it was quite choppy out at sea) so I do not have any photos, but if you check them out on Google they are amazing. 

Lagos also had a really decent night life! There were plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs to choose from, with something for groups, couples or families. I would love to visit it again on a girls holiday as it wasn't too intense like somewhere such as Magaluf but was buzzing enough to keep you entertained. So Lisbon and Lagos definitely fall under my places of recommendation to visit.

The following photos are some snaps from the holiday with outfits galore! I will get back to posting outfit posts soon but I just wanted to share with you guys about my holiday first (:

Ciao xxx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

And put your faith in my stomach

Hola beauties! So I've got a fairly large blog post for you this week as I'm going away to Portugal (#HolidaySpam) for two weeks and won't be able to write to you little delights! 

Anyway I've been thinking about wedding fashion recently, not that anyone I know is getting married as of yet, but I am aware that summer is a popular time to get hitched. And I was thinking 'how on earth am I going to afford to keep buying new dresses when my friends do decide to put a ring on it?' My solution is to revamp an old dress by adding the coolest addition from the Summer 2014 fashion favourites: the Kimono!

Now I feel pretty certain that most of us have a few prom-style dresses in our wardrobe that we've accumulated from the many formal occasions we've attended in our time. Well pulling out one of these dresses could save you a load of time and money. They're also a fail-safe for a dressy soiree because the cut suits almost any figure and looks extremely classy. Then my next piece of advice is to take this dress with you on a shopping trip and find a kimono that compliments it (definitely do this, cause I didn't and had a right predicament of choosing a kimono without said dress).

Right just humour me for a second; you may be thinking 'why is she so obsessed with these kimonos?' Well they are so so so easy to throw on and just give a really plain dress, top, skirt a bit of razzmatazz! Also, they come in hundreds of different cuts, patterns and colours, so there is one to channel any fashion personality. And at a wedding, where most people may have gone for a similar look, you'll stand out and look like a fashion forward kinda girl (but don't try and steal the bride's thunder, not a good shout).

So once you've got yourself into a clothes store, I would recommend choosing a kimono that has one or two of the colours of your dress included on it. This way the two pieces will compliment each other well and help you to avoid looking too mismatched. So here I have paired a white, simply patterned dress with my kimono, which also has white flowers. I want to mention here that this dress was wonderfully made by my friend and photographer Marissa. She has done a fabulous job and I don't think I'm alone in saying that it looks extremely professional for a dress that was made in a matter of days.

I would also advise looking for shades that will radiate your skin-tone. For example, I have chosen this kimono because I find fuschia pinks and peach tones bring out my natural colour.

I also tried this kimono with another dress of my own just to prove how versatile it is, and how it can be draped upon almost any outfit. Again I have made sure that the colours are complimentary, by matching a white and pink dress with the shades of the kimono, and finishing it off with a cute, salmon clutch bag.

My friend Sarah asked me to throw hay cause we thought it would look arty and dramatic.. Not quite sure if it's had that effect!

1st set of photos:

Dress: Handmade by Marissa Wright
Kimono: New Look
Heels: Vintage
Sun Umbrella: River Island

2nd set of photos:

Dress: Topshop
Kimono and Clutch Bag: New Look
Sandals: Primark

Will write when I'm back from my travels <3 xx