Saturday, 16 January 2016

English Mustard

It has been a busy of couple of weeks for me since coming back from Budapest. I have had the challenge of setting up my classroom at school for a second time, as we have moved into a brand new building. Following that, I have had my graduation celebrations this week! So as you can imagine I have been slacking a bit with the blog. I actually took these photos last weekend but have only just gotten round to posting them.

Graduation was a bit surreal in all honesty. At my uni, unlike most others who host graduation a month or two after the students completing their studies, graduation is not until the following January. It was lovely to see all of my course-mates, that I had spent four years with, desperately trying not to fall asleep in Reflective Teaching. Over the last few months, I have missed uni a lot and wished more than anything I could go back. However, I think I am starting to embrace the many changes in my life. There are some things about uni that I do not miss, and much of the lifestyle and drama I do not want any part in. It is fair to say I may be adulting at last haha!

I don't know if anyone has guessed, from viewing my previous posts, but I am a little bit, no A LOT, in love with mustard this winter. I usually avoid bright colours such as yellow; I am a huge fan of neutrals and monochrome. Yet, the mustard shade offers yellow in a much more muted vibe. I find that as a blonde some yellow shades can wash me out and also put me a risk of looking like a canary. Mustard is much warmer, which compliments my blonde hair and tanned skin tone. I now own a mustard scarf, bag, skirt, hat and now this awesome suede jacket from Missguided. I like to style my mustard items with monochromes, baby pinks and mauves (other popular colours this winter). I thought my jacket looked chic when paired with this on-trend striped turtle-neck from Forever 21. 

Suede Jacket: Missguided
Stiped Turtle-neck Top: Forever 21
Boots & Skirt: Boohoo
Handbag: River Island

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