Wednesday, 31 August 2011

These are a few of my favourite things..

Bonjour, I am back from roughing it at Leeds festival!! Bloody hell that was effort, brilliant but it drained me! Four days of drinking and trudging though mud to see bands took up a lot of energy. I was so happy I got to see Muse and Ed Sheeran (from a distance, however, as he was very popular). I went to Leeds with the idea that this would be a great opportunity to wear some cool outfits, but by the second day, when it rained persistently, I started to care less about my appearance. I think that's the way it has to be at festivals; there's no way you're going to look you're best so you may as well not give a fuck! Although, I did have a good array of headbands to detract from my the terrible state of my hair!! I think headbands are a must!! Anyway, next year I don't think I'll go for four days; it's just too taxing for a softie like myself.

I know we're not even into September yet, but walking into Topshop yesterday got me thinking about Autumn looks. At Leeds I noticed a lot of girls were wearing (faux hopefully?) fur coats and it seriously made me miss mine, so I dug it out for this latest outfit post. I really, really love maxi skirts at the moment, and as many of you may already know, I am crazy about chiffon. So this skirt I got from American Apparel is just perfect for me. Also, I obtained this amazingly cute fur hat from Topshop the other day, and I feel like a little Russian doll in it. Let me know what you think (:

Faux fur coat: vintage, lace top: Topshop, skirt: American Apparel, faux fur hat: Topshop, clock pendant: Republic, boots: Primark, bag: H&M.

Au Revoir xx

Monday, 22 August 2011

I'll meet you at the festival..

Helloo chapssss. So I got my results and guess what? I'm in, into uni!!!!! However, it hasn't really sunk in that I'm going to be moving out and I will have to actually budget with my money!! I am terrible with money so I'm just going to ask people to bar me from shops haha. So on Thursday night, as you do, I went out to celebrate with my fellow sixth formers. It was quite melancholy since it's probably the last time I'm going to see everyone together but I've been longing a fresh start for awhile now.

Anyway, I am off to Leeds festival on Thursday. I can't wait, it's going to be amazing. I am absolutely aching to see Ed Sheeran; he's so lovely and his songs are incredible. I did experiment with festival looks in an earlier post but I think I've found a winner, which you will see in these photos. Before I was wondering whether I should go for a full-on rocker look or a more fantastical hippy look. I've decide to go for the hippy look as it reflects my personality better. Tell me what you think (:

 Dress: Topshop, headband: Topshop, boots: Primark, bag: Topshop,
 rings: Topshop and Primark.

I think there's a theme with what I'm wearing haha!
Au Revoir xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why can't I breathe..?

Bonjour! You know, this summer I thought I would have tons of time to do my long mental list of activities. I was going to do some art, read loads of books, update this blog more often, spend more time in the gym... Well so far I have only read two books, created one pencil drawing, I've only just started going to the gym (so it's taken me about five weeks to get in there) and, as you can tell, I haven't been updating my blog very regularly. To be fair, this is the last summer I will probably spend with my friends as I will be going to University in September (if tomorrow goes according to plan). So yes, tomorrow is results day; the dreaded day that makes most people in my year feel sick with anxiety. What I was wondering was why they always give results out on a Thursday..? I guess they don't give them out on a Monday because if you don't get the grades you need you'll spend the rest of the week miserable, and if they gave them out on Friday, and the same thing happened, it would ruin your weekend. I have no expectations about my grades, but if I don't get BBC (which I need to get onto my course) I have no idea what I'll do with myself next year.

Anyway, since my birthday I have had a bit more money to spend than I usually do. So I have done a lot of shopping and bought some amazing clothes which I will have to share with you soon. These pictures were taken about two weeks ago, but I have put off uploading them because I wasn't that happy with them. However, I had to share with you my bowler hat, which I may have robbed off someone. I've wanted a bowler hat for agers and I spent about a week wearing it, although I haven't worn it for a few days since someone made jokes about me looking like the monopoly man!! I think the bowler hat looks very British, so it suits being worn out in the British countryside.

Hat: 'borrowed', dress: Zara, belt: vintage, heels: Primark.

Byeeeee xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

She said you aint ugly, you can kiss me if you like..

Bonjour!! My body is really run down at the moment. As many of you may know it was my 18th on Thursday and I got plastered as you do on such an occasion. However, now I'm wrecked. I also had a little gathering on Saturday and people didn't leave till the early hours of the morning, so I am sleep deprived too!! Hence why the blog has been a little neglected. Anyway, my generous family gave me some money for my birthday and I headed off to the shops as soon as I could! I scored a right bargain in the Topshop sale. I got four garments for just over £30. Most people complain about the sales; that they're a jumble sale and the shop is chaotic. However, I think a little bit of patience is worth it to get an amazing bargain. Today I went to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and wore my new skirt that I got from Topshop. It's a really interesting cut, but I love the flowing texture. Also, it was a really beautiful day so me and my lovely friend Sarah (who is an excellent photographer) to the opportunity to take some gorgeous photos.

I hope that this mindless violence across England stops. We need to remember that we are humans, not animals. Violence is not exciting or brave, it is disgraceful. Well done to all the honorable people who have cleaned up after the scum of our country.  

Peace xx