Tuesday, 9 August 2011

She said you aint ugly, you can kiss me if you like..

Bonjour!! My body is really run down at the moment. As many of you may know it was my 18th on Thursday and I got plastered as you do on such an occasion. However, now I'm wrecked. I also had a little gathering on Saturday and people didn't leave till the early hours of the morning, so I am sleep deprived too!! Hence why the blog has been a little neglected. Anyway, my generous family gave me some money for my birthday and I headed off to the shops as soon as I could! I scored a right bargain in the Topshop sale. I got four garments for just over £30. Most people complain about the sales; that they're a jumble sale and the shop is chaotic. However, I think a little bit of patience is worth it to get an amazing bargain. Today I went to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and wore my new skirt that I got from Topshop. It's a really interesting cut, but I love the flowing texture. Also, it was a really beautiful day so me and my lovely friend Sarah (who is an excellent photographer) to the opportunity to take some gorgeous photos.

I hope that this mindless violence across England stops. We need to remember that we are humans, not animals. Violence is not exciting or brave, it is disgraceful. Well done to all the honorable people who have cleaned up after the scum of our country.  

Peace xx

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