Sunday, 31 July 2011

Falling for the Forest.

Helloooo. I have just got back from the Forest of Dean, and it was gorgeous!! I was also blessed as the weather was very sunny whilst I was there (giving me a much needed tan!). I have to say I've done more camping recently

than I have in years. I guess it's a good thing because it's all preparation for Leeds festival. It is very pretty in the Forest of Dean; I love the landscape and the way the trees tower over you like green, lush giants. Near where we were staying was a river called the River Wye. We spent a day down by it, having a lovely picnic; it was very tranquil.

I am absolutely buzzing at the moment because I turn eighteen on Thursday! Its going to be so weird buying my first legal Sambuca shot. However, I already have my birthday present which is my camera, and I love it so much so it doesn't really matter if I don't have much to open on the actual day. I don't really know why turning eighteen is such a big deal. I mean only a few things actually change. Its not like there's a physical change you can see. I guess its because it's a chance to prove yourself as an adult, and in my case, escape the control of your parents. Since its such a 'big deal' I think it's an excuse to wear an elaborate outfit right? I think I have a dress in mind, but if anyone has any other ideas feel free to share (: So here are some photo's from the beautiful forest (:

I love this necklace!

Byeee xx

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