Thursday, 14 July 2011

Natural's not in it

Bonjour. I am seriously wishing I was back in Paris. Currently I am on work experience at a primary school (I have to do it to get on to my course at university) and I have already managed to catch a dreadful cold within two days of being there. So yeah, I'm not feeling so great. On Tuesday I was teaching the children about plants and randomly this revived my obsession with the colour green, which I had a few years ago. Honestly, about three quarters of my wardrobe were green. However, it is a slightly dangerous colour to wear. Of course, if you wear too much you will look like a walking plant haha! I got this green H&M skirt (see pictures) about 3years ago when I was in the midst of my green obsession. To be honest, I've hardly worn it, but I really love it because it looks quite retro.

 Skirt: H&M, top: Holister, shoes: vintage, pendant: Primark.

Au Revoir (:

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  1. Your purse necklace is so cute!!! Such a cute outfit!