Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Drifting into the sea

Hello chickaroos! I hope everyone is well. It was a crazy week for me; I finished my third year of uni (how?), I had my last night out of the year with my coursemates and it was my Dad's 50th at the weekend which ensued even more celebrating! So the last few days I have been enjoying some quiet time to myself before starting my first job of the summer. 

Today I want ot talk about one of my favourite trends of 2014: the off-the-shoulder look. I have seen this look EVERYWHERE, from girls on nights out to ladies just chilling out at the park. The beauty of this design is just that; it can be adapted for every occasion, whether you are looking for a sophisticated evening dress (see my instagram) or just a cute top to look casual in.

The off-the-shoulder look is great because it just adds a bit of fashion difference. I think there is nothing more elegant than exposing a bit of skin around your neckline and collarbone. The style has it all. It can be crafted from sheer, dreamy fabrics like chiffon or more tailored pieces such as this black crop top from Topshop. 

I adore this top because it is one of the most flattering things I have ever worn. It shows off your shoulders and also nips you in at the waist. This top is obviously very simple so I have enhanced it with an uber cool studded skirt and accessorised with a similar embellished bag. I would wear this outfit for a night out, but if I was aiming for a more casual look I would pair this top with some cut off denim shorts. 

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Ark
Clutch bag & Shoes: New Look

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Peace loves xxx

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Walking on a dream

Bonjour! I hope everyone has had a fab week. I've had a surprisingly ace week; I was doing some voluntary work as part of my course which I wasn't really looking forward to but I found the experience really rewarding and got to know some new people which was great. I've also been redecorating my room at home which has kept me somewhat preoccupied. I'm making my room more 'grown up' seeing as I will be 21 in a matter of months (cue me swapping cocktails for hot chocolates). When it is finished I will share some photos with you all for a bit of interior design inspo!

Now this Summer has seen many cool and unique prints being incorporated into everyday fashion. One type of print that seems to return year after year is Aztec. This trend is great because the variety of different patterns and colours that are used can be mixed up to make your outfit look bold or more understated. However, because Aztec is quite a busy print it can be a bit tricky to know what to pair it with.

An Aztec print dress can look super cute in Summer, especially if it is colourful it can give you an essence of Ibiza glamour. Because I prefer a more relaxed summer vibe I have gone for a monochrome Aztec dress, but added a pop of colour with my lipstick and baby-pink converse. As this pattern is already quite bold, it is important not to exaggerate with accessories, just keeping it very plain and simple. For the colder months, I would throw a tailored blazer over this outfit to keep it looking chic. 

However, an Aztec dress is not the only way you can rock this trend for the Summer. An Aztec print skirt is also a sophisticated way to make a fashion statement. For a polished and hot look, wear it like Blake Lively (underneath) by matching it with a simple white top and nude accessories.

Everyone knows that crop tops have been adored by the fashion world for the last year so combining the crop top and Aztec is a easy way too achieve a cool vibe, perfect for a Summer night out with a few cocktails (okay, a lot of cocktails). I love how Selena Gomez has worn this embellished crop top which is actually from Missguided (check me out being all Sherlock Homes). Again the rest of her outfit has remained simple with fresh white shorts and stylish nude heels. Kudos to Selena for providing some high street fashion inspo!

Dress: Ark
Shoes: Converse
Lipstick: Rimmel

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Love xxx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Days are good, that's the way it should be

Ciao bambinos! Hasn't the weather just been perfect today? It's been a blessing after the ominous downpour we've been experiencing in this part of England for the last week! These photos were actually taken in the rain so I think I deserve kudos for commitment haha.

Now I am still concentrating my blogs on how to make that challenging transition from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer, and it's getting a bit crucial for us to be slipping into our summer clothes since it is officially the 1st of June (which also means investing in several bottles of St Tropez and going for morning runs). But strangely enough, cast your mind back to December; you were drinking mulled wine, eating ridiculous amounts of food, and I'm guessing a good portion of you were wearing some form of tartan or plaid, right? Yeah, most of us succumbed to that trend, don't worry. However, you may feel now that your Christmas outfit may be pretty useless and should return to the back of your wardrobe. Wrong!

 Plaid and tartan are still biggies on the catwalks and in the high street, with celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Katy Perry working it themselves. Dark grades of this trend can still work but aim to match them with light colours, such as a deep-red plaid shirt with white-washed denim shorts. The cutest types of tartan and plaid for Summer are light-coloured ones like these fab leggings from Ark. 

Now although I love plaid, it is no surprise that it is a statement trend and needs to be worn carefully. This means that your tartan/plaid item will need to take centre stage of your outfit, with the other pieces being more subdued. I think that mint is a gorgeous colour for Summer, it reminds me of ice-creams at the beach. Therefore, I have chosen to throw on a soft, pastel blazer of this colour. Underneath, I have kept it nice and simple with a black cami top (which is an essential item that should be in every girls wardrobe). Then to add a edge of toughness, I've popped on these chunky, studded heels. I believe that when wearing such bold pieces, you should keep accessories to a minimum, so I am wearing a delicate gold chain. 

Leggings & Cami Top: Ark
Blazer & Heels: River Island
Gold Chain: Vintage

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Hearts xx