Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Drifting into the sea

Hello chickaroos! I hope everyone is well. It was a crazy week for me; I finished my third year of uni (how?), I had my last night out of the year with my coursemates and it was my Dad's 50th at the weekend which ensued even more celebrating! So the last few days I have been enjoying some quiet time to myself before starting my first job of the summer. 

Today I want ot talk about one of my favourite trends of 2014: the off-the-shoulder look. I have seen this look EVERYWHERE, from girls on nights out to ladies just chilling out at the park. The beauty of this design is just that; it can be adapted for every occasion, whether you are looking for a sophisticated evening dress (see my instagram) or just a cute top to look casual in.

The off-the-shoulder look is great because it just adds a bit of fashion difference. I think there is nothing more elegant than exposing a bit of skin around your neckline and collarbone. The style has it all. It can be crafted from sheer, dreamy fabrics like chiffon or more tailored pieces such as this black crop top from Topshop. 

I adore this top because it is one of the most flattering things I have ever worn. It shows off your shoulders and also nips you in at the waist. This top is obviously very simple so I have enhanced it with an uber cool studded skirt and accessorised with a similar embellished bag. I would wear this outfit for a night out, but if I was aiming for a more casual look I would pair this top with some cut off denim shorts. 

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Ark
Clutch bag & Shoes: New Look

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Peace loves xxx

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