Friday, 4 July 2014

Singing we found love in a local rave

Hello all! Sorry it has been a few weeks since I've updated; I've been working and then a tiny bit ill so haven't had the chance. I hope everyone is enjoying 4th of July, its a positively unpredictable day in England, we've had rain, sun and wind all at once here! I can't believe that five years ago today I was in America for Independence day! It's made me realise how much I want to revisit that amazing country!

Fringing is going to be my fashion focus of this post; I am a huge fan of fringing on EVERYTHING! I have bags, tops, skirts, shorts, dresses and kimonos with fringing! Obsessed? Maybe... But I feel sorry for fringing cause I get the feeling that a lot of people don't embrace it for its associations with the Wild Wild West and John Wayne. There are so many other ways to rock this beautiful, elegant trend without looking like Calamity Jane..

I have seen fringing being used in much more innovative ways this season such as on swimwear (perfect for your summer holiday) and being added for minimal detail, like shoulder features on jackets and mesh backs on blouses. I am infatuated with this fringed bralet from Topshop, however, I actually bought it almost two years ago (which shows how fringing can be reused again and again). I just think this top is so figure flattering because, if you are quite small on top like myself then the layering on the tassels accentuates your bust (to put it politely haha). Also cause the bralet is well structured it pulls you in at the waist giving you a beautiful hour-glass shape.

This outfit would be perfect for a festival as it feels really ethereal and dreamy, it sort of makes me think of a festival pixie haha! And seeing as the festival season is nigh, investing in a bit of fringing couldn't hurt, right? Well maybe your bank balance, but it's worth it! However, like I said previously I have had this top for donkeys years, and I have worn it with chiffon numbers and pencil skirts on nights out, so this top is very versatile and can look extremely elegant when paired with various items. 

Skirt, Headband and Bag: Primark
Boots: Ark
Fringed Bralet: Topshop

Love xxx

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