Sunday, 10 July 2011

At home she feels like a tourist

 Well I am back from Paris. Firstly; when I have finished my forthcoming degree I am moving to Paris. I don't care how much it costs, and I will live off onion soup forever if it comes to that! I am enchanted by the city. The buildings are beautiful. I can just imagine myself sitting beside one of those gorgeous balcony's, watching the world go by. Despite not actually buying anything (because I am poor, haha) I was overwhelmed by the beautiful clothes when I walked into the Galeries Lafayette. Paris is also a great place for street style; I picked up many ideas by simply observing what people were wearing from a quaint cafe with my chocolat chaud. If I go to Paris again I think it would be a great idea to do a street style piece (that is if people will let a crazy English lady take pictures of them!).

Now I will get on to the art. Yes, the art! Taking art as an A-level has given my a lot of insight into how difficult and time consuming a creation can be. Thus, when I saw the huge paintings, in particular the Coronation of Napoleon, I was gobsmacked! The art I saw in the Louvre was incredible. Of course I had to see the Mona Lisa, but to be honest I am more a fan of the impressionist artists rather the medieval art (although it is brilliant). So I was absolutely amazed by the pieces by Monet, Renoir and Sisley. I plan on doing some copies during the summer (: The street art, mainly at Ponte Neuf and Montmatre, was also superb and it was nice to see some art in a different, urban setting. 

I used this trip as an opportunity to experiment with my style. I tried to look sophisticated yet unusual and the outfit I wore at Montmatre seemed to be appreciated (despite my embarrassment). My fashion muse (as mentioned in an earlier post) was Carey Mulligan, so I went for a vintage, chic feel. Anyway, let me know what you think (:

(Yes please!!!!!)

(One of my idols!!)

(The Venus de Milo)

(The one and only)

(This was my favourite picture in the Louvre)

I hope you have enjoyed my MASSIVE post :P


  1. Massive post indeed, but I don't blame you! :) What a wonderful city; I'd love to live in Paris for a year or so.

    Lovely outfits, especially the first one; really 60s-esque. x

  2. Merci beaucoup(:Yeah I'm definitely going to move there- I'm far too optimistic haha!


  3. Oh my goodness!! I am so jealous. :) Love that first black tunic-dress.