Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let's talk about the weather we've been having..

Well the snow is just over a month late but I can't help but feel festive haha! I left uni and came home for the weekend, with no idea it was going to snow this much!! Yesterday I took a little journey into Staffordshire; I left Nottingham at about noon and by the time I got back the streets had been dusted white. I was completely gutted that I didn't bring any winter clothes with me cause it would've been perfect to do a photoshoot in the snow! I could just imagine myself being covered head-to-toe in faux fur, (hopefully) looking like a Russian doll (: Unfortunately, I stupidly brought the bare minimum with me this weekend and the most ridiculous shoes for winter weather (a pair of vintage heels which kill my toes after too long). Anyway, after numerous snow ball fights I decided I needed to relax a bit this afternoon. I got my camera out and started experimenting with how to capture the snow. I hope you enjoy (and wrap up warm!!)

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