Friday, 5 September 2014

You know you give me something

Bonjour darlings! I hope everyone's week has gone perfectly and we are all looking forward to an exciting weekend. I know mine is going to be very busy as it is the charity Shwap tomorrow, raising money for Karma Nirvana! If you are in the area, please please please come and see us even if it is to raise your awareness of the chairty!

Anyway I just had to share this diamond of a dress with you today. About a week ago I saw a picture of one of my close friends wearing this dress and I fell in love! For so long I have wanted a classy white dress and this one was exactly what I had imagined, but I had no idea where my friend had got it from. But fate prevailed my friends! A few hours later I decided to do my usual weekly browse on and what do you know? I found the dress! For a crazy £18.00, which I think is an absolute bargain for a dress that looks and feels expensive.

 So on Tuesday the postman dropped off the eagerly awaited dress, and I have to say I love it even more in the flesh than on the website! The fabric is really clingy, but also firm so you feel very 'secure' and confident in the dress. Also it is extremely flattering; the peplum detail does wonders at concealing your stomach and hips, which, if these are problem areas for you, is an added bonus. And I feel that the deep neckline helps to accentuate the bust, giving a sexy, hourglass figure. I can't rave enough about this dress so I'll just let you get on with looking at the pictures!

Also I have had my first go at filming a vlog, please check it out! I thought it would be a good idea as the pictures can give you some ideas about an item of clothing, however, you also need to be able to see how the fabric moves and what it looks like to walk around in. Let me know what you think and I apologise if it is slight amateurish! 

Au Revoir!


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