Thursday, 5 May 2011

Yeah, They Were All Yellow.

Right, so bright yellow is a hard colour to pull off, not saying that I have done it successfully. However, I think everyone knows when and where a yellow piece of clothing is appropriate, and what to pair it with. There is noooo way you can wear bright yellow to your Gran's 81st birthday party (perhaps baby yellow), which is coming up soon (outfit ideas please!). Furthermore, you cannot, cannot wear yellow and orange together. You'll look like you going to a fancy dress!! A rocket scientist doesn't have to work that out. I would recommend wearing yellow with something quite plain, but completely reflects your personal style. Those of you who have grown to know this blog will know that my option would be a floaty, chiffon blouse, maybe with some florals. Since yellow seems to represent spring, I wouldn't advise wearing black with it (unless you want to look like a bumblebee). Keep the look fresh; choose soft pinks, creams, faded patterns, pale greens, baby blues. Any more ideas to add lovelies?

Blouse: H&M, shorts: Topshop, brogues: Primark, bag: vintage.

Byebye xx

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  1. Cute shorts! I've got the same top :-)

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    xoxo Michaela