Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Time to get the brolly out again.

My A-level exams are coming soon, arrhhh!! Its a very stressful time, however, yesterday the weight on my shoulders was slightly reduced as I finished the last 5 hours of my 15 hour art exam. I didn't exactly get my painting finished, but most people were impressed with my work (: This constant stress has meant my blog has taken a back seat, and with the poor weather in England there hasn't been many opportunities to take some gorgeous photos. Today it was a bit dreary, but my adorable friend Lauren had to get some last minute photos in for her photography project.

I've been dressing in quite soft, comfortable clothes at the moment. I'm loving neutrals and pale pinks, and after watching the first episode of Made in Chelsea I have regained my love for (faux) fur as the girls looked so stunning in it.

 Faux fur coat: vintage, dress: Topshop, brogues: Primark, umbrella: River Island.

New hair; what do you think?



  1. You look absolutely adorable! I loove your dress! And the photos are perfect...