Sunday, 1 April 2012

Waiting for a light in the dark..

Hello all! I know it's been absolutely ages since I updated my blog but I've had a busy couple of weeks!! I have just finished uni for my Easter break and I am looking forward to relaxing a bit! However, where there is a up there is always a down, and my 'down' is in the form of stacks of uni work..

I hoping I can get the majority of it done within the next week because I am going to Cornwall next week and I would rather spend my time enjoying my holiday instead of being glued to my laptop. Also I really want to do a blog piece on Cornwall and all the attractions that are available!

Last week I was raising money for Banardos and as part of raising money for charity I did a 26 mile walk. It was a great achievement, however, I did wake up feeling like I was crippled the next day haha! 62 people started the walk, which was an amazing turnout, and in the end about 20 people completed the 26 miles. It was a great achievement for everyone involved! The walk was sponsored and if you want to sponsor me now there is still time!! Just comment on this post to get in contact. During the week there were many other events including a gig and quiz night, and a flash dance in the city centre!! Unfortunately I did not get to participate in the latter as I was ill but my friends told me it was a great day.

The weather in England has been amazingly nice recently so I returned to Wollaton Hall to take advantage of the sun and get some pictures done. The dress I am wearing in the pictures is an item I bought ages ago in the summer sale. It's not something I would usually buy but I thought the sequins were a cute twist on the typical floral dress. Plus I am totally addicted to the 'Dress Up' range at Topshop and of course this was part of that selection! The dress also matches this sequinned vintage bag that I have found nothing to go with for years so of course that was a bonus!! My fashion sense has really changed recently, I used to stick to 'safe' items of clothing and accessories but I think I'm starting to branch out. Hopefully I will be able to share with you some of my latest steals soon!!

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Asda
Bag: vintage

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