Sunday, 8 April 2012

Violet hill..

Two blog posts in the space of a week? It is not normal for me to have enough spare time to find time to fit this many blog posts in haha! I am blogging from a slightly dated (the carpet is really spongey and they've got CDs glued to the walls) pub in Cornwall.

I can't complain though since I'm using their wifi!! I told my parents I was going to find somewhere to do work.. I don't think I lied completely cause this is a form of work, just not uni work, and slightly more enjoyable!!

So Happy Easter everyone! It's weird to think this time last year I was revising for A-levels and extremely stressed. I'm still stressed, but it's not as bad because my uni deadlines are more manageable. I only have about five weeks left of uni, while most people finish earlier, but it is still quite a daunting feeling that I will have so much time to kill, again! To be honest, I don't think long summers are good for me; I just get too lazy and lose all sense of routine! However, I think I am getting a job, which will be nice (to get money to spend on clothes, correction, save up for paying off rent, sorry Dad!!).

Anyway, fashion wise, I got my student loan on Monday. I am so bad. Straightaway I went to town and spent £90 on clothes!! Please tell me there is another student out there who is as bad as me??? Well it was kind of worth it. I got this cute Parka for £9 from Primark and it is so easy to pack away as it all folds into one of the pockets; convenient eh? I also got some new leggings (see pictures) which are so comfortable and look great because of the speckled detail. I am starting to think I have a compulsion to spend money. Last week I spent at least 30 minutes arguing with someone that I just needed a cupcake candle because my life wouldn't be complete without it.... Am I going to end up like the girl off Confessions of a Shopaholic?

Parka, cardigan, brogues and leggings: Primark
Top: All Saints
Hat: Topshop