Monday, 13 July 2015

When you're young, you just run

Hello all! So that's it, I have finished uni now! Shock! I can't believe how fast those four years went and the amount I have learnt and grown in that time. I am excited for the next step; I have a teaching job for September which is going to be incredible! I am sure that it will be tough but it will be so rewarding to have ownership of a class for a whole year.

As of now I am working, however, I am looking forward to having a break before I start at my school and have got trips to Ireland, Wales, Weymouth and Berlin in the near future! I will make sure I take loads of photos during my holidays and share them with you all.

During this post I was trying to channel and boho-summer vibe. I got this dress from a few months ago and the tye-dye design is perfect for a chilled festival look. I have also noticed that metallics are a massive favourite this season so I snapped up these strappy, shiny sandals from TK-Maxx recently! 

I also find that my hair can be quite a nightmare in the summer as my mane gets quite frizzy when it is humid. Thus, I like to style my hair into braids to minimize the crazy and plus I think it offers some hippy chic!

Sandals: TK-Maxx
Bag & Necklace: Primark

Ciao xx

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