Monday, 30 April 2012

Bodycon or actual con?

Well I cannot go on a night out anymore without seeing tons of girls dressed in tight, short bodycon dresses. Pretty, flowing party dresses are a thing of yesterday! Personally, I think it's a look that can go very, very wrong and look extremely tacky. That's why it's probably a good idea to spend a few extra pennies

on a bodycon dress because places such as Quiz and Primark just seem to make you look slightly tarty. However, I'm about to swallow my words as the bodycon dress I am wearing in the pictures is, in fact, from Primark. It was a pretty lucky find to be honest. I was cutting through Primark in town around Christmas time and just saw it. With it only being a tenner, I thought I may as well get it. After that, I have never seen it in the shop again!

The good thing about this dress is that it's simple, so if you choose the right accessories it can look really classy. I would suggest a pretty clutch bag, simple jewelry and perhaps dark heels or wedges. Another benefit is the dress is strategically curved to create the illusion that you are thinner! However, this kind of doesn't work if someone looks at you from the side because the curve makes you look slightly bloated. Even so, I do think you have to be fairly slim to pull off a bodycon dress. Let's be honest, they are brilliant at showing off all your bumps (good or bad). So, you either need to be slim, invest in body control underwear, or have an immense amount of confidence to feel comfortable in this type of dress. But since I've seen so many girls wearing bodycon dresses on nights out recently, I don't think British ladies are having no problem pulling off this look!! 

Keep it classy though girls; we don't want someone doing a Britney and flashing her junk around town!

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