Sunday, 10 August 2014

No one knows anything but us

Hello guysss! Sorry it has been a few weeks, its be extremely busy down my end as per usual! Just over two weeks ago I got back from my holiday in Portugal, during which we visited Lisbon (the capital) and Lagos. Both cities were equally as beautiful but for very different reasons.

Lisbon was typical of your classic European city; winding, cobbled streets leading up to historic castles; spacious, lively squares with intricately detailed monuments in their centre; and delicious aromas flooding out of hundreds of restaurants and shops that you passed by. I really enjoyed the time my family and I spent in Lisbon, however, I do feel that it has not matched up to my love of Rome or Paris as a major European city.

The second half of our holiday was spent in Lagos, which is a more beach holiday for English tourists kinda place. Nevertheless, I thought it was an absolutely gorgeous setting. My main concern is whenever we visit a holiday resort is that it's going to be a tad 'chavvy' and not very authentic. This place threw in a pinch of cheesiness (street performers and cheap bars) whilst still maintaining it's true Portuguese roots. My favorite part of Lagos is the serene coves that border the coastline. One of the best parts of the holiday was when my brother and I took a tranquil (well almost tranquil, apart from the boat driver who kept trying to talk to us in Portuguese, which we did not understand) boat ride in and around the coves. Unfortunately I did not take my camera on the boat for fear of getting it wet (it was quite choppy out at sea) so I do not have any photos, but if you check them out on Google they are amazing. 

Lagos also had a really decent night life! There were plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs to choose from, with something for groups, couples or families. I would love to visit it again on a girls holiday as it wasn't too intense like somewhere such as Magaluf but was buzzing enough to keep you entertained. So Lisbon and Lagos definitely fall under my places of recommendation to visit.

The following photos are some snaps from the holiday with outfits galore! I will get back to posting outfit posts soon but I just wanted to share with you guys about my holiday first (:

Ciao xxx

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