Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How-to: bronzed eye make up for tanned skin

Hello sweetpeas! So this is going to be my first how-to piece ever, which I am very excited about and hope to be bringing you more in the future :) I was inspired to do a how-to for a number of reasons: Firstly, I got the PHENOMENAL Naked 1 set by Urban Decay for my birthday in August, and I have been playing around with the shades.

 Secondly, I went to my cousins 21st at the weekend and my auntie, who also has the eyeshadow set said she struggled to find ways of using the colours together, so I thought I would lend a helping hand out to those of you who need a little inspiration :) Lastly, I have just got back from Dorset & Cornwall, and luckily for me I am quite tanned! This is great for my complexion, but I have always struggled to adapt my eyeshadow to my bronzed skin. But through experimenting with the brilliant Naked 1 tones I have developed a smokey, golden-brown look that I think looks great on tanned skin. So here goes, and I apologise in advance for the unflattering pictures of myself!

To start with you will need a set of golden-brown eye shadows; they do not have to be Urban Decay, although I would highly recommend that you invest in the set! You will also need eye make up primer, mascara and a set of eye brushes (Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman are a must have).

So first you should apply the eye make up primer all over your eyelids and rub in, as I am doing in the picture above. If you do not have any primer you could substitute it with a eye cream as that will help the eye shadow to 'stick'.

Wet a liner brush and apply a shimmery, dark-brown shade to the brush.

Take this colour and apply it like eye liner just above your lash line, like so.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply a golden shade.

Cover your eyelids in this colour, blending it in with the brown line you have already applied.

And also add this shade just below your lower lash line.

Apply a dark beige shadow to an eyeshadow blending brush.

Blend this shade into the crease of your eye lid (it helps to keep your eyes open so you can get a defined line).

Take a contouring eye shadow brush and apply to it a frosty pink colour.

Smooth this along your brow-bone to act as a highlight. 

Also blend this colour onto the ball of your eye and underneath your eye to give yourself a fresh, dewy look. 

Then apply mascara to your top and lower lashes. I like to use Loreal Double Extension as it comes with a conditioning serum that really helps to lengthen my lashes!

And here is the end result :) I hope you enjoyed my how-to and found it useful! If anybody tries this look please send me pictures on twitter as I'd love to share them on my next blog. My username is Faire_Soleil

Love Katie xxxx

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