Monday, 2 September 2013

Bright white beaches & fudge ice cream

Hello beauties! Sorry that I have not uploaded onto this blog for quite a while, but I have been concentrating on other things of late. However, I am wanting to find more time to revamp this blog and bring you all some more outfit ideas :)

It has been a unbelievable summer for me; I have had so much fun and spent time with some AMAZING people! I am sad that it is almost over but I'm looking forward to going back to uni and spending time with my faves. Luckily I am about to end the summer on a high as next week I am going to Mallorca with my best friend which is going to be fab. Speaking of holidays, I have just go back from two weeks enjoying the tranquil scenery of the Dorset and Cornish coast. This got me thinking about holiday outfits. When I go on holiday I like to choose clothes that I can maximize upon the most. This means wearing pieces that will go well with a variety of items and can transfer from day to night. Check out some of my ideas (which also include two orange dresses that were featured on my other blog).

So if any of you have a last minute holiday planned, using outfits such as these that can take through the day and night are perfect. If anybody would like to know where any of the items are from please leave your questions in the comments bar :)

Love Katie xxxx

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