Saturday, 19 December 2015

I decorate my house with things you love

Although being the biggest girlie girl, I usually tend to avoid wearing such feminine shades as purple and pink. This Autumn / Winter however, I have been struggling to resist the dusty pinks and mauves that have been on trend. Most winters I dig out the preppy tartan and collared dresses and then I am set. Though I still love a bit of the Scottish print, I am really enjoying some of the more prettier items that are making up my current Winter wardrobe. 

I got this fur gilet / sleeveless blazer from Missguided about a month ago. I wasn't really getting on board with the whole sleeveless blazer craze; I still feel it is a passing trend like jelly sandals were for 2014, so I didn't see much point in investing. Despite this, faux fur never seems to be out of style during the colder months, so I felt this combination of the sleeveless blazer with a faux fur gilet was a chic compromise. I think this is a really interesting piece due to the layering effect and, although it may not be as trendy in the New Year, the item's uniqueness will urge me to continue to wear it. 

I also bought this lacy, purple dress from Missguided. This was a bit of a risk for me because before buying this dress I did not own anything purple (which is shocking considering the overflowing state of my wardrobe). The dress is a beautiful piece regardless of my initial hesitation towards it. The nude-mesh material offers a body sculpting effect and the purple lace is very feminine and elegant. You cannot really see on the photos but it also has a cut out detail on the waist which creates even more of a slimming effect. 

Fur Gilet / Sleeveless Blazer & Dress: Missguided
Boots: Vintage
Hat & Bag: Accessorize

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