Friday, 12 October 2012

Beauty products you must buy..

Hello all! Sorry it has been awhile but I have been taking some time experimenting with my style and thinking about how I want this blog to be perceived. I want people to be able to use this blog to find honest advice about fashion and beauty products. Therefore, I am going to be doing more reviews of outfits and beauty products, rather than talking about my personal life. So here is my first beauty product review (:

I have my housemate to thank for recommending this beaut of a hair product to me! Argan Oil is everywhere at the moment; most hair companies are claiming it's a 'miracle' oil. Personally, my hair was very damaged from bleaching the ends and using straighteners everyday. I used Umberto Giannini hair mask whilst I was in Ibiza to try and sort my hair out, but honestly, it did nothing for me! So after my housemate told me about Argan Oil, I thought about getting some. Finally, (at £13 a bottle)I indulged in Lee Stafford's  Argan Oil Heat Protection Spray. I thought it was better value for money to get a combination of the oil and heat protection spray than just the oil itself. Although the product was pricey, it has definitely been worth it! My previously split ends are now in good condition and my hair feels so much softer and thicker! Also, I have had the product for a month now and only used about a quarter of the bottle, so it should last me a while.

So I had the most beautiful tan when I came back from Ibiza, but inevitably it started to fade. I was using a gradual self-tan by Garnier, but found it didn't give me long lasting colour. I was genuinely tempted to get a spray tan until I watched the Persian Babe's latest haul where she recommend Vita Liberata. I was particularly interested in this product as it claimed to last up to 2-3 weeks after one application, which is great for me as I do not have the time to be tanning everyday! So I got a bottle, and it is actually really good. It looks really natural (there are no streaks) and doesn't smell weird like cheap fake tan brands. I think they may exaggerate about it lasting up to three weeks as it has faded a great deal since I applied it last week, but it's definitely a product to look into if you've not got the time to be tanning regularly.

I love, love, love Garnier products! They smell and feel so amazing. I was starting to find that I had a few blemishes on my face so I thought I would try a toner to see if it would even out my skin tone. I cannot praise this product enough, it has done absolute wonders to my skin, which now looks so fresh. It was only about £4 as well, which I thought was a complete bargain. As you can see in the picture I have only used about a third of the bottle, which is good considering I've had it over a month. I have used Lancome toner before, but I honestly think this is much better and more affordable.

This is the best foundation I have ever had, ever! I've heard loads of my friends talking about Benefit for a while now and I was starting to wonder what all the fuss was about! To be honest, I'm usually quite tight when it come to spending money on make-up but I found that £5 foundations did not give me a natural look. I went into Debenhams just to have a look at what Benefit had in it's range and ended up asking the lady to try this foundation on me. So I ended up buying it, which cost me more than I'd like to admitt, but it is sooo good! You only need to tiniest bit to cover your whole face, and it just makes your skin feel so soft! I would advise buying a foundation brush to apply this though, because the sponge provided in the compact isn't very good.

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