Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Walk Nottingham

I love to support independent cafes, bars, cinemas etc. This is because I want to pay for an experience I can't find just anywhere. For example, you can go almost anywhere in the world and sit in a Starbucks, sipping your coffee, but with independent cafes there is a certain uniqueness and eccentricity you can't find elsewhere. Also, if you go to these places regularly, they begin to feel like home, a place you love. So there is also a sentimentality about it. It is hard to love a Starbucks or Costa as they all look the same, there is nothing quirky about them that draws you in. I am a frequent Starbucks customer, which may sound hypocritical, but this is simply due to the fact that these big companies drive away almost all of the competition, so it is hard to find a nice little independent cafe.

One saturday my friend Lauren and I stumbled across the cutest tea room I have ever seen: the Walk. With a massive, endearing cake decoration in the front window, it was hard to resist. So we went in. The Walk Sells delicious patisserie, afternoon teas and luscious lunches together with a choice of fine wines and continental beers. It is a wonderful experience. The waitresses are very friendly and their outfits are charming (if you visit you will see). The decor is cool and some of the furniture is very kitschy; it'll make your insides glow. So I say, if you live in Nottingham or you're visiting the city, why not drop into the Walk for a cuppa? 

Visit their blog at http://thewalkcafe.blogspot.com/

(From the Walk Cafe's blog)

Support your independent businesses (:


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