Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thats just me, before we met.

Bonjour, I haven't been paying much attention to my blog lately.
1. Because I have had loaaads of work for college, including a history essay on external Roman Catholic threat during the reign of Elizabeth I. If anybody else is doing this essay, hints would be deeply appreciated. Its on the exam board OCR for A2 history. I can't wait just to let my hair down! Easter holidays are coming up so I'm planning to hit the town with the girls. Also, it will be the royal wedding. I can't believe its come around so fast! I think I might watch it just to see what Kate wears.

2. I only received these photos off my lovely photographer yesterday. They were taken two weeks ago!!

Anyway, in these photos I am wearing velvet. I love the stuff. For some people its a no-go, I can see why because the texture is very unusual, but I love the way it shines as you move, highlighting every curve.

Sheepskin coat: the Ragged Priest, scarf: vintage, velvet dress: Primark, pearl pendant: vintage.

Hope everyone is having a brilliant (or lazy) sunday.


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