Friday, 15 March 2013

Victorian secret..

Hello all! sorry it has been awhile: uni and placement have taken over my life at the moment! However, I wanted to take the time to share with you an amazing opportunity that I have encountered. 

A few weeks ago I was approached by a local vintage online clothing business about if I could do some work for them! Although I have always treated my blog as a hobby, I have always wanted to work with others enthusiastic about fashion and now this is my chance!!!

Captainslocker is a online vintage clothing business which was established in February 2012. While Captainslocker is fueled by a love for vintage clothing, 50% of the profits for the business go to charities such as the Air Ambulance service, the Arches Project and many, many more! It is such as good cause, as well as an excellent place for finding bargains! Your purchase will make a difference! So, now you may be seeing more of their items on my blog, including promotional codes and competitions! Exciting!! You can also visit their ASOS boutique here and the blog I will be managing here. This does not mean that I will be abandoning this blog as the ASOS blog will solely be about Captainslocker, whereas this blog will continue to be outfit posts, including items from the company. 

This dress is actually on sale on the ASOS boutique (£13.50) so if you adore it then I urge you to check it out as items are being snapped up fast! This dress is a must-have for vintage lovers as it is has a kitschy, victorian vibe. I paired it with socks, brogues and a bowler hat to make it even more charming. The material is lovely to wear with it being so soft and delicate. The dress originates from the 1970s but I genuinely thought it was from the early part of the 20th century. This shows that these kind of items do not go out of fashion, so they are definitely an investment. This can be said about most of the items featured on Captainslocker

Brogues and pendant: Primark
Socks, bowler hat and rings: Topshop

If you have any time please do check out Captainslocker and the ASOS boutique!

Love xx

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