Monday, 18 June 2012

The maker makes..

Recently I have been seeing the cutest little collars, which you can wear almost like a necklace with a lovely outfit. I noticed that most of these collars are being sold in Topshop, and other high street stores, with beautiful details. I think these collars are an adorable accessory and can transform an outfit from so-so to tres chic!

(Topshop Tumblr)

However, the only downside is that the collars are ridiculously over priced! The ones sold in Topshop are £14.50 and the slightly 'cheaper' collars found in Dorothy Perkins are still a purse burning £12.50!! Thank god for Company magazine who had the great sense to suggest you make your own! And this is how I spent my quiet night in this weekend! See how to do it on the company website here! I wanted mine to look simple but chic so I sewed on a few pearls that I had lying around. I wore the collar with a very casual outfit as I didn't want it to look too kitschy. 

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