Monday, 6 June 2011

Tonight's The Kinda Night

Hello lovely people! So sorry I have not been updating recently; my first A-level exam is on Friday and I've been revising like mad!! Therefore I haven't had much time for my blog ): Anyway, aside from the revising, I have had I brilliant week. I had a weekend in Birmingham for my friend's 18th which was amazing and so hilarious. This weekend just gone I went on a biking trip and ended doing nearly 50 miles all together; my body is knackered!!

Last Friday was the first beautiful day in a couple of weeks, and I met up with my friend (and new photographer) to take some gorgeous pictures in Nottingham's arboretum. I was feeling summery and cute with my little knitted socks. So let me know what you think (:

 Top: Topshop, shorts: Topshop, bag: H&M, loafers: Topshop.

(Yes I was wearing a lot of Topshop, aha)

 In Birmingham (Happy Birthday Hollie!!)
  The biking trip

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